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  Picture Gallery:

bettas have excellent senses being able to detect this betta bit on top of frogbit leaf

notice the feather root systems and anchor stems of this frogbit root system

top shot of frogbit


side shot of frogbit, good example of the delicate feathering root system

betta hiding in a half submerged spider plant.

betta with anacharis anchored in sand.


almost a full shot of a one gallon bowl filled a little more than half way to increase surface area.

betta spend a lot of time near their plants furthering my conviction of their importance.

A touch of salvinia on top right. I rarely use just one type of plant in a betta bowl.

cowrie shells make great anchors for these anacharis. They should eventually root

notice the long anacharis root you will eventually see from many free floating plant types.

just another betta and plant pic.

Frogbit stems can get quite long in their efforts to anchor to the substrate.

java moss growing around the roots of half submerged spider plant.

attaching java moss to rock, taking several weeks to several months to permanently attach.

a mix of aquatic and terrestrial plants can make of a very healthy betta home

salvinia minima mixed in with a few other plants helping to keep the water clean, algae resistant and interesting for this betta.


salvinia and duckweed, almost unseperable.

anacharis, salvinia, duckweed and even a bit of riccia w/ betta

bubble nest amoung theanacharis, salvinia, duckweed and even a bit of riccia with betta

maybe these to get along because the betta can't see the shrimp.

Shrimp bowl, shrimp catching food flake, javamoss on the side.


after feeding, shrimp, translucent bodies show eaten food - Buy Aquatic Plants for Less!