Working with salvinia in the bowl
I will rarely have just one type of plant with a betta. Here we see my sons betta building it's bubble nest among three types of plants, salvinia, duckweed and below anaracharis. There is actually a forth plant type called ricci in amongst the salvinia which I will be writing about in the future.
Reminiscent of frogbit but much smaller. These small pads send feathery brownish red root like structures into the water to gather nutrients. Almost inseparable to it's cousin duct weed the two are rarely seen apart.
A close up of the pads. We can just make out the hair like structures on the top of the pads.
A single pad and it's ethereal hairs that are actually capable of deriving nutrients out of the environment like it's fellow roots below
Here my camera skills have failed to catch the complete beauty of the root like feathery fronds of the salvinia water fern.