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This site is dedicated to the keeping of small water environments such as fish bowls, terrariums and various other types of small aquaria with the use of java moss tiles. Articles focus on the following general topics.

  • Environments available and their upkeep
  • Types of pets suited for small environments
  • Accessories for your habitat and where to find them
  Featured Article: Life in the Bowl, The Betta

While most creatures, especially fish, fascinate me. I find the Betta to be truly amazing. This elegant and yet hardy fish has many characteristics that make it well suited for life in the bowl. Originally bettas were first found thriving in the warm shallow waters of rice fields and canals. To survive in this oxygen poor conditions, Betta’s have what’s known as a “labyrinth organ”, which allows them to breath air.
There are other reasons why bettas are well suited for life in the bowl. Betta’s are generally loners. Male bettas will fight to the death any other male betta they meet. Many times even female bettas are met with the same kind of aggression, the male will drive the female off after mating and care for the eggs himself. (read more)